About Us

Service Fees

Choosing between different fees is beneficial for you and us. Indeed, choosing higher and lower fees allows for more or less privacy. Each fee value uses a different protocol to increase confidentiality and another way to split.

In the same way, a higher fee allows your transaction to take faster to arrive. So it's a fixed delay which can go as quickly as two hours with a high fee and as long as 4 hours with a lower fee. The actual delay is impossible to know in advance because of the blockchain fee variations. That's why Sinbad tells an average thanks to all tests and transactions already done.

Choosing the lowest fee provides you with a more than sufficient and secure basic routing protocol for smaller amounts.

Sinbad advises increasing the fee value for your transaction in case of a large amount you want to send so that it will be sent more than a lower fee and arrive faster.

You will meet different fees using services like ours. Sinbad has to be transparent and honest with each of them. The first is the blockchain fees; we called them the network fees. These fees do not depend on Sinbad service and aren't fixed. Contrary to some beliefs, BTC fees rely not on the amount sent but on the transaction size (in bytes). The second fee is the service fee specified on the home page.

We want to point out that the service fee is the only income Sinbad earns to guarantee quality service. It is necessary to send at least 0.002 BTC and a maximum of 678 BTC. If your deposit is less, your coins will not be sent to their destination address and will be perceived as a donation.

How we operate


You should know that bitcoin transactions on the blockchain are far from secure and do not ensure your transactions' safety or privacy. To overcome this problem, Sinbad uses an algorithm called CoinJoin. This concept is adapted to our methods, so it's different from CoinJoin by definition. When Bitcoin users conduct transactions with each other, CoinJoin protects their privacy by concealing their source and destination, thereby protecting their privacy. It's our strategy. This protocol ensures the confidentiality of your exchanges on the blockchain. The transactions from different customers are unique and not simply blended before arriving at the destination address, like the CoinJoin concept. So our customers can be reassured about new transactions that can be mixed with older ones.

No logs policy

Sinbad Bitcoin blender ensures the confidentiality of your transactions, so we must wipe the history of your requests after one day. Consequently, we do not keep any trace of your visit after the expiration of your session, which lasts 24 hours.

Letter of Guarantee

It is essential to have proof of your transaction in case of a problem, which you can download while making your order. This letter should be sent to our support email below in case of problems routing the transaction in unexpected situations. The second guarantee is that we need to meet concerns about your transactions. We must ensure that each transaction is unique and that you will not mix your new transactions with your old ones. Our protocol is implemented in the CoinJoin concept explained above. This assembly allows for a unique transaction per user.

Contact Us

You can contact us if you have any questions or are facing a problem. Our team will respond within one working day.